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Grand Haven, MI is a beautiful city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, known for its sunny weather, lakes, and vibrant culture. Snowfall is common in winter and spring, with the heaviest snowfall occurring in late January or early February. It is also home to many outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of the area. Whether you live in Grand Haven, MI or visit it for vacation, you want your outdoor space to be as inviting and enjoyable as possible. That’s why you need Preferred Lawn Care, the leading provider of lawn care services in Grand Haven, MI and surrounding areas.

Preferred Lawn Care is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Grand Haven MI since 1998. We offer a wide range of outdoor living solutions, including:

Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space is a service that we offer to help you create your dream outdoor living area. We can design and install any outdoor feature that you want, such as a patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pergola, or anything else. We can also help you choose the best materials, colors, and styles for your outdoor space.

We can work with any size and shape of space, and we can make it match your home and landscape. Outdoor Space is a great way to extend your living space, enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, and increase your property value.

Step 4 of the Patio, Fire Pit, and Seating Wall Combinations Construction
Preferred Lawn and Snow Hardscape


We can enhance your outdoor space with hardscape features such as retaining walls, walkways, driveways, steps, edging, and more.

Hardscapes serve many purposes in your landscape, such as:

  • Providing structure and definition to your landscape
  • Creating functional and attractive outdoor spaces
  • Improving drainage and erosion control
  • Enhancing the visual appeal and value of your property

We can design and install hardscapes that complement your landscape and suit your needs and preferences. We use durable and attractive materials such as brick, stone, concrete, pavers, and gravel to create hardscape elements that match your style and budget. We also ensure that your hardscapes are installed properly and securely to last for years.


We can transform your landscape with our professional landscaping services, including landscape design, installation, maintenance, and renovation. Landscaping is the process of improving the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space by planting trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, and groundcovers. Landscaping can also involve adding mulch, rock, or bark to your landscape beds to keep them weed-free and healthy.

Example of the Landscaping
Landscaping can provide many benefits for your property, such as:
  • Enhancing the beauty and curb appeal of your home
  • Creating a relaxing and inviting environment for you and your guests
  • Providing shade, privacy, and wildlife habitat
  • Reducing soil erosion and water runoff
  • Improving air quality and reducing noise pollution
  • Increasing your home value and marketability

Landscaping Services

Beautiful landscaping delivers cooler temperatures, improves quality of life, offers economic benefits, and makes landscaping unique.

  • Fire Pits and Fireplaces
  • Driveway, Walkway, Pavers, and Curbing
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Lawn and Garden Care
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Outdoor Living and Kitchens
  • Retainer Walls
  • Sod Installation
  • Tree Services and Installation
  • Water Features
  • & More!
Grass Cutting for Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance is the service of keeping your lawn looking green and lush throughout the year. Lawn Maintenance involves various tasks, such as:

  • Mowing and Trimming: We can mow your lawn at the right height and frequency to promote healthy growth and prevent weeds and pests. Regular lawn mowing and trimming are essential for maintaining a healthy, lush lawn. We can trim the edges of your lawn along sidewalks, driveways, fences, and other obstacles to give it a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Edging: We can edge your lawn along landscape beds, walkways, and other features to create a clear and crisp boundary.
  • Fertilizing and Weed Control: We can fertilize your lawn with the right type and amount of nutrients to enhance its color, density, and resilience. We can apply pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to prevent and eliminate weeds from your lawn without harming the grass.
  • Aeration and Overseeding: We can aerate your lawn by removing small plugs of soil to improve air, water, and nutrient penetration into the root zone. We can overseed your lawn with new grass seeds to fill in bare or thin spots and improve its thickness and diversity.

Benefits of A Lawn

  • Cooling Effect and Heat Dissipation
  • Improved Property Value
  • Oxygen Production and Carbon Retention
  • Pollution and Erosion Control
  • Visual Appeal and Comfortable Living Space
  • Water Runoff Reduction

We can provide regular lawn maintenance services for your property, according to your needs and preferences. We use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products to care for your lawn in a safe and efficient manner. We also monitor your lawn for any issues or problems and fix them promptly.


We can install and repair your irrigation system to ensure that your lawn and landscape receive the right amount of water at the right time. We can also adjust your irrigation system according to the seasons and weather conditions to save water and money. We can also winterize your irrigation system to prevent freeze damage.

Irrigation system is a service that we offer to install and repair your irrigation system for your lawn and landscape. Irrigation system is a system of pipes, valves, sprinklers, and controllers that deliver water to your lawn and landscape at the right time and amount. Irrigation system can provide many benefits for your property, such as:

Lawn Sprinkler
  • Saving water and money by using only the water that your lawn and landscape need
  • Preventing overwatering or under-watering that can damage your lawn and landscape
  • Improving the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape by providing consistent and uniform watering
  • Reducing weed growth and pest infestation by keeping your lawn and landscape moist but not wet
  • Increasing your property value and curb appeal by having a well-watered and well-maintained lawn and landscape

We can design and install an irrigation system that suits your property’s size, shape, and conditions. We can also repair and maintain your existing irrigation system to ensure that it works properly and efficiently.

Snow Plowing Service

Snow Removal

We can clear your driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or any other area from snow and ice with our snow removal services. We use plows, blowers, shovels, salters, and sanders to remove snow and ice quickly and safely. We are available 24/7 for emergency snow removal services. We have the solutions for our customer’s needs to ensure alleys, driveways, streets, and sidewalks are safe, passable, clear, and accessible.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Company

Preferred Lawn Care is your one-stop shop for all your lawn care needs in Grand Haven MI. We are licensed, insured, bonded, and certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. We have a team of experienced and trained technicians who are friendly and courteous. We offer free estimates, competitive prices, flexible scheduling, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for the best lawn care services in Grand Haven MI, look no further than Preferred Lawn Care. Contact us today at (231) 638-5368 or message us online to learn more about our services and see some of our previous projects.

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