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Benefits and Advantages Of Irrigation, Installation, and Repair In Muskegon, Michigan

What is Irrigation? Irrigation is the application of a controlled amount of water given to plants at needed intervals. Irrigation helps crops grow, conserve landscapes, and renew eroded soils in dry areas. Crop production which includes frost protection, weed removal, and growth in grain fields are the other uses of irrigation. Irrigation systems are also…

Lawn Clean Up After the Hurricane

Even though your lawn is a minor part of your home to clean up after the severe weather condition. Strong winds caused by hurricane bring wastes and unwanted debris to your lawn and renovation if needed. Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Expert Keep your lawn and garden healthy after a hurricane strikes by calling the…

Valuable Benefits You Don’t Know About Having A Lawn

We know that it’s tough to beat the beauty of a well-kept Michigan lawn. Since this is such a diverse state, all of our Michigan lawn care services are custom made to suit the specific needs of each turf. We take local weather, growing conditions, and even soil Michigan so they know the local conditions. Our lawn care…

What are the Advantages of a Tree Trimming Service?

If you have trees on your property in Michigan, you will need a professional pruning maintenance program in Muskegon, Michigan to keep them healthy. As a homeowner, it’s your job to make sure that every part of your home and your property are well cared for. When you call the professionals at  Preferred Lawn Care, we can come…

The Best Trees to Consider for Your Landscaping in Muskegon, MI

Many factors go into the process of choosing the perfect tree for your yard. Not only must you consider the reason behind your purchase but you must also research the type of environment your landscaping trees are going to require for healthy growth. When you first buy a home, the concept of buying a tree may…

How to Improve and Protect your Landscape During Quarantine in Muskegon, MI

The Covid-19 pandemic has literally caught us all unguarded. Every business has to close down and we are forced to stay at home and be distanced from others including some family members and close friends. Not only is our social life affected, but our properties are also affected. Landscaping is put on hold because our gardeners have…

Best Lawn Services in Muskegon, MI

Having a landscaped garden in your home or business area has tremendous benefits more than you can imagine. With proper lawn care, your lawn can look the best it can be! Having a nicely landscaped lawn can make a good impression on your guests or customers visiting your home or business facility. Maintaining a landscaped lawn…

Preferred Lawn Care: Top Eight Benefits of Pruning

The trees are components of the urban forest, which provide a range of environmental and societal benefits to people. Several factors help explain how urban trees contribute to Michigan’s environmental development plans as well as user-friendly strategies. Trees are generally trimmed for one of these three purposes: a) overall aesthetics b) safety measures c) health…

Types of Grass and How to Choose The Best Type for Your Lawn

Choosing the best type of grass for your lawn determines how you will take care of it for the rest of the year. The number one factor in deciding what kind of grass to use is the location of your home. When you choose the right grass for your area, no extra effort is needed…

4 Types of Irrigation Systems for Your Lawn Care

An attractive landscape tells a lot about the lawn care system in place. It is the product of a holistic procedure for outdoor lawn care Michigan lawn owners would be proud of and an indication that the sustainability of a preferred lawn was ensured. Every lawn owner would undoubtedly desire a nourished lawn after employing outstanding maintenance practices, which…

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