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Easy Ways to Get Thicker and Greener Grass

Spring is fast approaching, and it is crucial to accomplish all of the things throughout the year that will contribute to your lawn’s health. To properly nurture a lawn, there will be multiple things to consider. Every homeowner should acquire the right techniques that are vital in turning the grass greener and thicker.

If you aim of having a thicker, more overgrown, healthier, and more stunning lawn, you can alter your thin and dull grass into a bushy lawn with hard work. With these manageable measures—you can cultivate a thicker lawn that you will relish for the years to come.

4 Steps to Get a Thicker and Greener Lawn

1. Appropriately mow your lawn

When you utilize the finest approaches for mowing, it allows your lawn to grass to grow thick and remain that course. Instead of mowing weekly, mow based on your grass needs. Mow frequently enough to retain your grass type at its suggested mowing stature without getting rid of more than one-third within a mowing session. These aids bypass numerous strains that yield thin, unappealing lawns.

2. Proper Irrigation

Once your denser lawn is looking great, observe the right lawn watering techniques to provide sufficient moisture and preserve the grass thick and strong. Growing grass seed must have persistent water until seedlings appear and fill in between existing grass.

If you’ve already established your lawns, they typically ought to have about 1 inch of water every week, regardless of the source of the irrigation system. In-depth, comprehensive irrigation facilitates the deep root growth thicker lawns demand.

3. Get rid of the weeds

The weeds that grow on the lawn tend to compete with grass for sunlight, water, and essential nutrients. If weeds are present in your lawn, you’ll probably have lesser fertilizer and other resources your grass obtains. Preventing the weeds from growing stops the competition making the grass remains thick and properly nourished.

4. Nurture your lawn

Boost your lawn with a professional-grade fertilizer to enhance seed germination and the general surface and color of your lawn. The fertilizer nourishes your grass instantly and until eight weeks after sowing. And, with the use of soil-enhancing gypsum, you will improve your soil’s health and state without impacting soil pH, so your grass can endure root and thrive.

5. Improve Soil

Take a suggestion from a professional like Preferred Lawn Care and test your soil to get the most out of every step toward a thicker grass. Soil testing is a straightforward procedure that results in thick, healthy grass growth. A soil test provides an appropriate starting point for your lawn’s specific demands, as well as recommendations for addressing any underlying issues. If you are new to testing, get in touch with your local extension office. They can provide basic kits and information to get you started.

Testing reveals the pH of your soil as well as other soil factors that can stifle thick, robust growth. You may improve your soil without guesswork by following test recommendations. If the pH of the soil is too low, for example, your grass will not be able to absorb the nutrients it requires. Testing determines whether your lawn requires lime or other soil additions to restore pH balance and nutrient availability, allowing grass to grow thick and lushly.

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