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Valuable Benefits You Don’t Know About Having A Lawn

We know that it’s tough to beat the beauty of a well-kept Michigan lawn. Since this is such a diverse state, all of our Michigan lawn care services are custom made to suit the specific needs of each turf. We take local weather, growing conditions, and even soil Michigan so they know the local conditions.

Our lawn care services include:

Each of our local  Michigan lawn care service experts works to understand the needs of each customer with a comprehensive free lawn evaluation of his or her landscaping in Michigan. Once we have determined your lawn’s problems, we figure out the ideal lawn care solution for you, from a single lawn care treatment to ongoing lawn care maintenance in Michigan.

Preferred Lawn Care’s advantage is our local lawn care professionals who know all about your area’s specific characteristics, from weather to soil types.

Every lawn is different, so we will customize a lawn care solution to address your specific requirements. Whether it’s pride in ownership or you’re testing marketplace waters, upgrading your lawn and landscape along these four avenues can help you kick your home’s curb appeal up a notch:

Benefits Of Having A Lawn

Environmental Benefits

Pollution and Erosion Control: Quality grass will cause soil to erode at a much slower rate, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the dirt from your pants the next time you dive for a line drive during your next backyard baseball ball game.

Oxygen Production and Carbon Retention: Your lawn stores more carbon than a squirrel stores nuts. By keeping this carbon underground your yard does its part to keep the circle of life in balance.

Water Runoff Reduction: Healthy turfgrass prevents this spongy sensation by allowing runoff to drain and infiltrate through the soil, allowing your root and not your feet— to get the water they need.

Cooling Effect and Heat Dissipation: Through the process of photosynthesis abundant grass absorbs much of the sun’s solar radiation and cools much of the surrounding area. That’s enough A/C to cool a medium-sized home for two and a half weeks.

Social Benefits

Visual Appeal and Comfortable Living Space: Not only will a picturesque lawn look nice, but it will make your neighborhood look better and provide a more enticing place for your family to hang out.

Improved Property Value: Curb appeal can drastically affect the impression a visitor gets of your home.

Lawn Care Done Right with Preferred Lawn Care

The single biggest difference between Preferred Lawn Care and other lawn care providers boils down to one simple premise: we care more. It’s the kind of caring that can only come from being the business owner. One that lives, works and is a part of the community they serve. Through our lawn care services Michigan, we create a healthy lawn that you can take pride in.

When it comes to lawn care, it requires skills to do lawn maintenance rather than doing it yourself.  You will have peace of mind and confidence to get better results and proper handling of your lawns.

Preferred Lawn Care is the right company to deal with when it comes to a wide variety of lawn services and treatments.

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