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How to Improve and Protect your Landscape During Quarantine in Muskegon, MI

The Covid-19 pandemic has literally caught us all unguarded. Every business has to close down and we are forced to stay at home and be distanced from others including some family members and close friends. Not only is our social life affected, but our properties are also affected. Landscaping is put on hold because our gardeners have to go home and be quarantined too.

Landscaping Michigan must go on despite the odds. Your landscape matters as it gives you a sense of joy and positive thoughts seeing your plants grow and blossom. However, there are a lot of things on your hands that you have to take care of by yourself. When commercial landscaping may have limited days to operate because some of their staff have gone home to their respective families, you can explore some DIYs to improve and protect your landscape during the quarantine.

1. Watch out for weeds.

You always have to be alert and keep the weeds from growing in your yard or even inside your flower pots. A daily routine of communing with nature by going around your yard in the mornings will not only allow you to be exposed to the sunlight and breathe in the fresh air. It is also a chance for you to examine your plants and rid them of weeds that steal them of nutrients and beauty. The sooner you get the weeds out of your yard, the lesser they will damage your landscape. Use a hula hoe or a looped action hoe to remove weeds in your yard.

2. Make your own compost.

You can do some exercise by picking and gather dried leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and other clutter to make into compost instead of putting them in the garbage bin. These along with kitchen scraps, eggshells, and shredded old newspapers can become a good fertilizer. You can get the specific procedure about compost making through gardening websites of commercial landscaping Muskegon.

3. Inspect your tools and supplies.

Because you do not have the chance of going out every time you need some tools and supplies, use your quarantine time to do an inventory of your tools and supplies.  Check your wheelbarrow, your hand trowel, garden gloves, and other garden gears, and make repairs when necessary. By doing this, you can go on your landscape cleaning and maintenance with less stress.

4. Enrich your garden soil.

You can apply the compost you have made or the other fertilizers you have kept to make your plants grow better. You can do some research on how often you apply compost and how much to put in certain types of soil. You will surely experience great fulfillment as you see your plants respond to your care. Moreover, reach out to residential landscaping about the needed minerals your plant needs.

5. Water your plants regularly.

Set up some deep watering stations because even if the weather appears to be colder, summer temperatures will surely come. Put these watering stations near your plants so that your plants’ roots will get enough moisture and thrive during high temperatures.

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