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How Can Landscaping Influence your Commercial and Residential Property?

Landscaping in West Michigan can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your residential and commercial property. It is one of the few home and business improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately but also increases in value as the years go by. While the interior decor and design concepts regularly go out of style and mechanical systems break. The key is to maximize your property’s value whilst only spending a minimum amount of time and money on the improvements.

Whether residential or commercial, Preferred Lawn Care can offer landscaping advice for our customers on planting and landscape gardening. Our team of landscape gardeners is experienced and knowledgeable in their field being able to offer advice and ideas to turn your garden into something beautiful.

Preferred Lawn Care has experience in landscaping in Muskegon, Grand Haven and Whitehall for large housing developments and for building contractors. We have also done work for hotels, schools, and universities as well as many commercial and residential clients. We are renowned for our reactive service at very competitive prices. Delivering to the brief and within timescales is very important to us.

There are plenty of ways for us to create beautiful, yet low-maintenance gardens that potential buyers will love.

How can landscaping influence your commercial and residential property?

Even though you want to create an appealing front and back area, prospective buyers may lose interest if there are too many components that require regular maintenance. Some examples may include a fish pond, vegetable gardens, a swimming pool, or even just a large grass area. People probably don’t want to spend a lot of time on the weekends mowing their lawns or paying someone else to do it. You might need a professional landscaping service in Michigan that could help you with your lawn mowing needs.

paved outdoor area is a must if you are trying to sell or rent your investment property. Outdoor entertaining is extremely popular, particularly during the summer, so an outdoor area will help make your property more appealing. It is also important to create an area that is weather-resistant. For example, although shade sails are aesthetically pleasing, it is important to note that you may not be 100% protected if it’s raining.

Although plants can naturally improve the property’s appeal, it is best to find low-maintenance plants. Not all areas will have the same plants available, so it is best to speak with the experts at Preferred Lawn Care to see what options they have.

Our experience is diverse and we cover all aspects of landscape gardening. This includes site clearance and leveling of the ground.  We can offer seeding, turf laying, and tree, shrub, and seed planting.  We are here to offer advice at any stage of the project. Preferred Lawn Care works hard to be environmentally friendly.

Contact us today at (231) 638-5368 for an estimate or questions. We will gladly assist you in all your residential and commercial landscaping needs!