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in Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Whitehall

Having a healthy lawn takes careful planning and developing. In a cool climate, your lawn needs to be fertilized properly to ensure it grows to its full potential.

When seasons change, there are intricate nuances taking place under the turf that can weaken the growth of your lawn which shows the following season.  Our experienced Lawn Care Specialists, will develop a fertilization program so your lawn will flourish to make sure the first impression of your property is covered to the roots.We understand different types of fertilizers and use them correctly.

Eliminating harsh intrusion of weeds and insects while still giving strength and vibrance is key when considering a fertilization program that works best for your property.

Benefits of a Fertilization Program

  • Weeds Control
  • Insect Maintenance
  • Provide Nutrients to promote and maintain new growth
  • Control and protect growth during season change

Contact our specialists at (231) 638-5368 and get ahead of the ever changing climate. Let us start planning to protect your lawn with a tailored Fertilization Program today!

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